Definition and Importance of Motivation

The concept motivation is derived from the Latin word "movere" which means to move (Huber, 2006, p. 481). The word motivation gets its origin from the root word "motive" meaning the reason we do what we do (McLean, 2006 ). Motivation is an action word that  influences every aspect of our daily lives. Whether in athletics, academics, business, industry, entertainment or any other edeavour, motivation is fundamental in the level of success an individual attains. We are either motivated or not motivated to perform certain tasks. Psychologist asserts that motivation activates behavior and propels an individual forward toward achieving goals or needs (Theobald, 2006). Motivation describes the process that energize and stimulate human behavior toward reaching specific goals (Huber, 2006). In essence, motivation propels an individual to act and continue until goal or need is met (Slavin, 2006).

Motivation is a psychological force that moves a person into action to attain preset goals or the satisfaction of certain needs (Slavin, 2006). Ormrod (2008) defines motivation as an internal state that arouses us to action , pushes us in particular direction and keeps us engaged in certain activities (Ormrod, 2008, p. 452). In sports terminology, you "have to want it to win it". Motivation can be either intrinsic or extrinsic:

 Extrinsic motivation - is motivation that comes from an external source. A person is motivate by external factors that are unrelated to task that is being performed ( Ormrod, 2008). An example, receiving an increase in pay from one's employer for obtaining a new degree. Employees are extrinsically motivated by monetary compensation, because money is a goal which provides satisfaction separate from the actual task (Osterloh & Frey, 1999). A student wanting good grades, or praise that come from accomplishing a task. Ormrod (2008) states people who are extrinsically motivated are motivated to perform a task as a means to an end, not as an end in itself (Ormrod, 2008).

 Intrinsic motivation - the source of the motivation comes from an internal factor. The motivating factors come from within a person and is related to the task being performed (Ormrod, 2008).  Individuals who are intrinsically motivated engage in activities for the sheer pleasure it affords them, assists them in developing important skills or for ethical or moral reasons (Ormrod, 2008). An example, a student returning to school for the sheer satisfaction of obtaining a degree for personal gratification.

Important Concepts of Motivation

Need for Affiliation
Need for Approval
Need for Achievement

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  2. I love your blog site. Motivation is the fuel that drives life. I especially like the definition about intrinsic motivation. The example of one going back to school for the sheer pleasure of earning a degree speaks volumes!!! Is it common for people to be both extrinsically and intrinsically motivated? Hmmm.....

  3. Patricia,

    Thanks so much for your inspiring comments!! Yes, according to Ormrod (2008) often learners are simultaneously motivated by both intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Ormrod (2008) gives this example,"Although Shannon enjoys her writing course [intrinsic], she also knows that a good grade will help her get a scholarship at State U[extrinsic]."

    Again, thanks so much!

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